27 November 2015

Good Morning America anchor Amy Robach has just published a book about her breast cancer experience. This is not something I would normally write about – two years ago, I discussed countering misconceptions and false statements brought up by celebrities who go public with their breast cancer stories. While celebrities are to be applauded for increasing awareness, their statements are often full of errors.

I have not read Ms. Robach’s book. However, I was pleasantly surprised to read this interview. Too often, a celebrity breast cancer disclosure is followed by red carpet photos and declarations of being cancer free. This is far from the reality that many patients experience. The interview with Ms. Robach gives some insights into the uncertainties and fears that every patient faces. I applaud Ms. Robach for using her very public voice to remind everyone just how challenging cancer treatment and recovery is, and voicing what many patients feel: “You no longer have the luxury of feeling that tomorrow is a given“.