24 August 2015 A study published in JAMA Oncology raises more questions regarding appropriate treatments for ductal carcinoma in-situ (DCIS). I wrote about surgery for DCIS about a month ago. The controversy continues. The JAMA Oncology study by Dr. Steven Narod and colleagues used the SEER Database to try to determine if treatment for DCIS improves the death rate. They […]

14 August 2015 It was hard not to get swept up in this one. Anyone who has frequented You Tube knows that certain posts go “viral”. Everyone gets caught up, there is a period of intense conversation and attention, and then it’s gone, replaced by the next trend. While I’ve been amused by some of these […]

31 July 2015 The majority of patients newly diagnosed with breast cancer are candidates to undergo what is known as breast conserving surgery, or lumpectomy. However, one challenge is obtaining a clear margin – a rim of normal tissue around the tumor. While we have gotten better at visualizing the extent of the tumor by […]

30 July 2015 A study published today in the Journal of Medical Internet Research demonstrated that breast cancer patients participating in an online support community based on twitter had increased knowledge and decreased anxiety regarding their condition. The Breast Cancer Social Media (#BCSM) community was founded in 2011 by two breast cancer survivors. Weekly tweet chats […]

20 July 2015 This is not a new question, and I promise there will be many parts to this story. The latest: Breast Cancer Screening, Incidence and Mortality Across US Counties, published in the July 2015 issue of JAMA Internal Medicine. The authors of the study noted that rates of early breast cancer detection have […]

15 July 2015 I’m not an active non-medical blogger. However, when Jackie Fox tagged me in a tweet on Sunday, I gave in to peer pressure, and put together a few “fun facts” that you might not know about me. Would love to see @DrAttai do this! https://t.co/i1ukqQSTnJ — Jackie Fox (@jackiefox12) July 12, 2015 Here […]

9 June 2015 Surgery doesn’t help women with early-stage breast cancer – that’s certainly a headline that will get attention. The recent NPR article referred to a study published in JAMA Surgery: Survival Benefit of Breast Surgery for Low Risk Ductal Carcinoma In Situ – A Population-Based Cohort Study(1). The study raises some very interesting points, but […]