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Surgery and Survival Rates – FOX 11 Interview

30 January 2013 A recent study in the journal Cancer compared patients with early stage breast cancer who underwent lumpectomy with radiation to patients who underwent mastectomy, and found that the patients who underwent lumpectomy had a better overall survival. It is important to realize that this is an “observational study”, meaning the researchers went […]


Soy and Breast Cancer

15 January 2013 Much has been written regarding the role of soy and breast cancer, but much confusion remains. While research in this area is active, here is what we know: Soy is an isoflavone, a class of chemical that has weak estrogen-like activity.  We know that women in Asian countries, following a traditional diet, […]

2012 Garden

30 December 2012 Anyone who spends just a few minutes with me knows how important my garden is – it’s my inspiration, my therapist, and my friend. Here is the first of what I hope will be an annual posting of the garden year-in-review. Enjoy!


What Motivates Me

26 September 2012 A few weeks ago, I was approached by a contact on Twitter who asked me to participate in an online “blog carnival.” The theme was motivation and how it plays into our roles as patients, providers and caregivers. The deadline for submission (which I just looked at) was September 17th. I find […]